Cross-town Correspondence

Wendy and I are writing back and forth to one another by electronic mail this morning.  I’m sitting on pillows, recovering from my fall, my left arm leaning into yet another pillow as I type at the keyboard.  Wendy is recovering from serious medical interventions as of late and making me feel, as she writes about her experience with tremendous humour, that I really have nothing to complain about.  Her ‘stay’ at the hospital elicits several rants in tandem…all very poignant, if you’ve spent any time at all in hospital…but at the base of it, a consistent underlying zest for life and for observation.  Wendy can make me laugh out loud at pretty much any of life’s ‘poopy’ experiences.

From Wendy, without permission, this…and you’ll see what I mean….Food dreams ARE torturous! Counting the days until away from the hospital and really BAD food.  My awesome friends visited and brought me tea! Lifesavers!  As good as a purple blanket.  Real tea, not Red Rose in hot coffee water!

Sitting here listening to really old people snore! Thinking of a semi-private room just to get near the washroom! The Foothills is in short supply of washrooms!  All the 70/80 yr olds figure they have dibs! Younger bladders/bowels just gotta wait!!

Perhaps we can go for Ramen when I get out. There are a couple of great places in Kensington, both moderately priced and quite yummy! It would be a good lunch. Checked your food truck app lately? There are lots of other cool/inexpensive places we can meet.

Yesterday, Darren snuck me in a smoked meat sandwich at lunch and I’m afraid the results can only be described as ” food porn”. Sooooooo gooooood! He tells me he won’t post the vaguely embarrassing photos! Too intimate!

Over the holiday, Wendy’s family hosted yet another amazing feast.  Her husband, Darren, and daughter, Rebecca, never cease to amaze our ya ya group with their gourmet delights.  My photographs do not do this prime rib delight any justice at all.  Missing, is the sense of relaxation that comes with an expertly served dinner, served in courses, while good conversation is shared.  Also, there is something to be said for the proximity of the dining table to the kitchen, where the preparation happens seamlessly, sending out wafts of aroma throughout the experience.

I treasure Wendy.  I treasure her family.  I treasure this circle of friends who share the road…the sorrows and the joys, the drinks, humour, talents and feasting.  It is a wonderful thing!

All courses are aesthetically bang on!  Beautiful food.  Beautiful people.

First Course…cheese platter.

P1140344Second Course…fresh, light salad.

P1140345Rebecca provided us with warm bread.

P1140346Yes!  IT WAS THAT GOOD!

Where the magic happens…

P1140342 P1140343Main Course:

P1140348Tea is Served.

P1140353 P1140354Thank you, for your generosity.  Today, this causes me to think about how beautiful food is…flavours…and what it can do to heal the heart, especially when paired with the stories of forever-sister-friends.

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