Still Going Back to Move Forward: The Chit Chat Cafe of Napanee

I am still trying to complete my blog posts around my months shared with Dad in Belleville, Ontario.  Sometimes the present really must squash out the past…but at other times, the past needs to be integrated into what we have in this moment.  I treasured my time with my father above any other time we have shared and I never wish to forget the fragile and strong of that couple of months.  Through my father, I met so many lovely people, people like Andy and Sherry of the Chit Chat Cafe & Corner Market.  This afternoon, I updated a Blog that Sherry and I set up for her business and linked it to a Facebook site, so I think their social media is about as current as it can be.

For years, Mom and Dad drove out to Napanee, Ontario; sometimes after church for a piece of dessert or sometimes on a weekend for a Dinner Buffet and Live Music concert.  Most important to me and my family was the kindness that these two folk showed my parents, especially through these last couple of very difficult years.  Always having time for kindness and cheerfulness, these two have a way of making others feel special and then feeding them the very best of food.

During this journey of grief, some Sundays Dad and I left the parking lot after church and turned north east to Napanee…and somehow the coffee, the good people and the eggs benedict managed to do some comforting.

The best eggs benny I've ever eaten.

The best eggs benny I’ve ever eaten.

The second dinner concert I attended, with Dad, was a performance by Jay Aymar.  A fantastic story teller and an authentic song writer, Jay left us with lots to think about.  Music is a big part of our family, so music coupled with good food is an especially  magical combination.  Jay Aymar’s blog, Road Stories, is very entertaining for the real-life experiences he shares.

Sherry's Peanut Butter Chocolate Trifle

Sherry’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Trifle

Lemon Poppy Cake

Lemon Poppy Cake

A First Serving

A First Serving

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