My son and I dawned our 3D glasses and watched this flick together.  Of course, above all, the special effects were ‘out of this world’.  I found myself gripping my arm rests for the majority of the movie.  While there were so many moments where the mind wanted to go to that place, “Yeah, right….”, the movie demanded a certain belief from the audience.  Outer Space…a world of experience that is out of reach for the ordinary person.  This movie was inclusive and gave us some sort of insight into this dark and magical world.

As a result, I dug through some of my old newspaper journals and found, from the North Bay Nugget…1969 and ’70…a small collection of things I had clipped out of the newspaper while I was a little girl.  How courageous of these daring astronauts…to let go and travel into space!

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