Where were you, M. G. Bruce Robertson?


Bruce Robertson is presently exhibiting his recent art at the Gorilla House.

Photo Credit: Rich Theroux

Photo Credit: Rich Theroux

Am an artist at heart, utilizing knowledge of drawing and painting acquired from childhood to present. “Think as a child whilst making art.” — Bruce Robertson, 2010

Bruce didn’t attend the opening.  Art openings are to be reckoned with…they are a big deal for artists and I’m not certain that every artist deals with openings in the same way.  Regardless, people were amazed by the exhibit of works that Bruce produced. Something  magical about an exhibit is the fact that a body of work speaks, one piece informing another.

I don’t want to suppose that I can write about Bruce’s work, but I can say that I admire the commitment he has shown in fashioning the work. The few photographs that I’ve posted here do not capture the rich and varied surfaces achieved through multiple processes.  The art is playful and yet very complex as well.  This looks to have been a very intense period of creativity for Bruce.  The art speaks of humour, pain, design and connection.  If my readers have opportunity, I hope you can visit Gorilla House in the coming weeks. P1130247 P1130248 P1130249 P1130250 P1130251 P1130252http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikAb-NYkseI

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