Old Negatives

A month ago I dropped off some old negatives to London Drugs for processing and to digitize what may be some pretty special images of Mom and Dad and their early years.  They were stuck in a pile between the pages of a photo album that I happened to be sorting at the time.  Today, I received a phone call to stop by and pick them up. I wasn’t disappointed in the number of surprises in the stack and as a result,  I’m going to enjoy creating a special Christmas gift for Dad, my sister and my brothers.  I think this is why the Lisecki black and whites struck me as amazing last night.

P1130253 P1130255 P1130256 P1130266 P1130267Days become busy and often we want to deal with the ‘stacks’ in our lives, but we don’t.  The fact that I have dealt with this stack causes me great joy.  The last image, while indistinct, is a remnant of my father’s time serving the RCAF at the Arctic Circle.  Photographs like this one, while unclear, captured a moment in time.  Here, you feel the cold and the isolation.  This is not a nameless figure; this is my father.

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