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Quick…before I go tuck in, I wish to complete the series around my recent Love Art in Calgary tour arranged by Wendy Lees.  The Artistic Director, Jeffrey Spalding, welcomed us to MOCA, as is his style, with warmth and enthusiasm.  The hospitality received was exceptional, given that on that very evening, MOCA was to celebrate their Grand re-opening.  Due to June floods and some related infrastructure concerns around connected buildings, MOCA was forced to close for a period of time, affording them the opportunity to make some changes and ‘really’ move in to the existing venue.  It was fun to receive insights into these changes up close and also to enjoy the sorts of activities buzzing around the evening opening.  It’s not often that one witnesses beautiful white sofas being washed down and arranged out on a city patio by a glassy pool.  Fantastic!

Close by, Dave Dyment’s Mirror Ball installation was coming to life and all sorts of interesting things were appearing both outdoors and inside the gallery.  If you have not had the chance to enjoy similar openings and events in the open plaza downtown, hop the C Train and take advantage.  Great location…typically, good food and wonderful people!

My readers are invited to view the Made in Calgary: 1980s exhibit, as well as see Danish artist Jesper Just’sA Vicious Undertow” in the upstairs gallery.  There will be more festivities in the plaza and outdoor spaces, given that MOCA is a part of the launch Party for Calgary Culture days.

I’m certain that, as you mingle with friends, you may find yourselves in delightful proximity to Evan Penny’s sculpture, ‘Janet’ or capture her looking with tremendous intensity in the same direction that you are.

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Wendy Lees, Jeffrey Spalding and Participants

Wendy Lees, Jeffrey Spalding and Participants

Jeffrey Spalding, Thank you.

Jeffrey Spalding, Thank you.

News I received via the MOCA mailing list is included here for your perusal.

MOCA Calgary is pleased to be a part of the launch Party for Calgary Culture days, taking place this Friday 7:00pm-11:00pm.  Lots to do from a series of concerts, hosted by the city, across the way in Olympic Plaza, to food trucks, outdoor installations, animation screenings, fashion show featuring creations made of light and cash bar lounge at MOCA Calgary.  If you missed our Grand re opening last Saturday not to worry because Dave Dyment’s Mirror Ball installation along with Max Streicher’s horse are back for one more night.  Quickdraw Animation Society is also joining in the fun by screening “The best of the Giraffe Festival” projected onto the side of the MOCA building.  Our gallery will remain open late so check out our Made in Calgary: 1980s exhibition along with the screening of Jesper Just’s “ A Vicious Undertow” in the upper gallery, on loan from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  Come down, enjoy the fun and help us support the City of Calgary Culture Days!

Jeffrey shared with us the background on the Made In Calgary: 1980s exhibit and it never fails to disappoint as far as his knowledge of art history.  I am proud that he is with us here in Calgary because he makes us so much more rich for his knowledge.  If given a chance, please participate in a Love Art in Calgary tour when you see MOCA on the menu!  There is an awesome write up on the Made In Calgary: 1980s show HERE!

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