Wet Birds, Wet Dogs and Wieners and Beans

I’ve had such a beautiful day.  I just stepped in from an awesome dog walk along the south east ridge overlooking the irrigation canal, the Bow River and the city smothered in rain and cloud.  Leaving my glasses in the van, by the end of the hike, my skin was cool and wet.  If Max could laugh, he would be laughing…the way he ran and explored sort of said it all.

Back at home, I cooked up a lunch like Mom would have put on for us on days like this, wieners and beans, with a piece of toast on the side.  I miss her so much today…but feel her comfort in everything that I see or experience.  I’m grateful for her love that transcends everything.  I’m grateful for the glory in rain.

P1120815 P1120818 P1120819 P1120824Rain


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