DIY Tuesday: Get Your Dremel Going!

Did I know what a Dremel was??  NO!!!  Did my cousin own one conveniently? YES!!!

I came in from the studio ‘spent’ yesterday….whining that I was losing the edges of the embellishments on my furniture and I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to get into all of those small spaces.  I was all sweaty and tired and my right hand and arm were vibrating.  My cousin was flaked out on her bed, ice pack to neck, warding off a headache.

It was then that Margy said, “You could use a Dremel.”

“What’s a Dremel?”

“I have a Dremel!”

So…I’ve been out cleaning up the details.  I know. I know.  It seems like forever AND all so that I can paint over this stuff AGAIN!  I’ve continued in the sanding phase thinking that if all went well, I might just stain up the wood.  But, in the end, the wood has soaked too much of previous pigments into the grain to leave it.  This particular Robert Simpson Co. bedroom set causes me to wonder why people ever started painting wood furniture in the first place.

Drawers and bed foot still require the dremel…but the process, this way, is far less frustrating!  Could I prime over top of wee bits of paint…likely…but, it’s just not the way I want to go about it.

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