Gorilla House Artist: Enriquito

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Known to us as Enriquito, the Gorilla House has been enjoying an exhibit of works by artist Jorge Enrique Gonzalez Hernandez!  If you haven’t seen this huge collection, add this to your list of things to do in Calgary.  Enriquito is such a positive person.  He is a joy to know.  It may be obvious through the capture of these few images just how energetic he is as an artist.  The show is exquisite.  For the next year, Enriquito is going to work exclusively in black and white, a bit of a departure.

EnriquitoIn his own words…

Jorge Enrique González Hernández

Born in Havana, Cuba on February 20, 1978. As a teenager, studying accounting and finance, Hernandez found his passion for painting. He had always liked art and its influences, but it was not until he moved to Spain in 2009, where his artistic niche began to develop. With little technical education, Hernandez has spent the last three years showing his art over many places around the world, including Vancouver, Canada, Bangkok, Thailand, and many parts of Spain. For Hernandez, his whimsical and aestheticly nice combination of colors and abstract shapes are the result of free and autonomous feelings subconscious. As his love for art grows, Hernandez hopes to continue his artistic activities in Canada, and one day obtain the means to carry more powerful inspiration, his son, to live with him in Canada.

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