Surprise #2: How We Get There

Another revelation validated…something I knew, but experienced again.  I was heading for the Alberta Flood Relief Concert on the C-train with my cousin, when I looked over and saw Jackie.  Often sitting a few pews in front of me, with her family in church, I’ve shared a faith life with Jackie for a few years.  What I haven’t shared with her, is a train ride or two.  Last night I did.  Was this serendipity?

CT-Line-Map_Aug_2012Heading toward the concert, Jackie’s husband, Rick, joined us at the city core and honestly, the conversation that we shared was so much fun, that it felt like the destination didn’t really matter any more.  As circumstances had it, in the crush of thousands of people, we also ended the evening sitting across from one another on the return train.  How was this even possible? We spoke about music, neighbours, folk festivals and artists.  We spoke about the rituals of our lives and about song lyrics.  It was just such a great time.  I am grateful for time spent with friends…laughter and stories and good times.  The journey to and from the McMahon Stadium was  a surprise!

My cousin, Margy, is just about the greatest person in the world…I treasure every single moment that we share.  Last night was no exception!


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  1. Made me tear up! I have to agree with Margy being one of the greatest people in the world. So happy for the both of you, xox

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