Brick Walls and Studebakers

There is so much to explore no matter where a person travels.  Some one was writing about their summer destination being ‘paradise’ recently.  I’ve decided that with a certain spirit, paradise is where you are.  God goes with you…and the world is a beautiful place.

My wanderings in Hamilton, with Max at my side, were wonderful, right down to the rich warm brick that was everywhere.


Gnar Was Here ©Photo Credit: Kathleen Moors

P1110396 P1110399

The Armoury ©Photo Credit: Kathleen Moors

The Armoury ©Photo Credit: Kathleen Moors

P1110450P1110487Demolition is controlled now, after years of historical buildings being torn down and replaced with the new.  The Studebaker Factory fell victim to such change and what some folk would call industrial progress, consumerism and competition.

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