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As a result of conducting family ancestral research, I have connected with new cousins.  Some suggest that the past should be left in the past.  I’m not really in support of that concept.  When I met Mike, I felt that I had met someone who absolutely was connected with my history and my way of being.  For Pete’s sake, he takes awesome photographs of birds!

Photo Credit: Mike Moffat, Green Heron at Grindstone Creek

Photo Credit: Mike Moffat, Green Heron at Grindstone Creek

Although my trip to Hamilton was a short trip, the more I spoke with Mike, the more I felt connected with family.  I am grateful to you, Mike,  for introducing me to your Mom (my Dad’s cousin) and your family (your son is a musician…so is mine) and your beautiful wife.  Thank you for being such a generous participant in the search for my ancestors in their resting places.

P1110531Hamilton Cemetery on York Blvd is a magical location, featuring a Gothic Revival style building erected sometime between 1855 and 1862.  Having initially researched relations on the Elliott, Haddow and Moors branches of my family, I was thrilled to be able to say my prayers at the resting place of many of my ancestors.  Next visit, I fully intend on leaving flowers…and will try to time my visit without my pooch, Max, and with the event, Doors Open Hamilton, similar to our Doors Open Calgary.  I want to make certain that I visit the Hamilton Public Library archive collection in order to round out my knowledge about the area as it relates to my family.  I’m still pretty amazed that I managed to navigate my way on the 401 south west and to the QEW on my own.  My next drive will also include a stop at Paris, Ontario, home of Penman’s textiles.

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