RCAF Station Claresholm

My cousin Peter and I headed out to Claresholm yesterday, stopping in to Nanton’s antique shops for some browsing, along the way.  It was a beautiful day to spend time with my ‘boy-cousin’ and especially when he opened up about my Auntie’s meeting up with my Uncle for RCAF dances in Claresholm.  As we made our way along some back roads, he spoke and I felt transported back to a different time when his parents were young and so in love.  Pete’s father was another military man…a pilot…and it was in Claresholm where he learned his wings.  There was a mysterious sense of everything as I explored the old hangars through barbed wire fences.  It was a blessing-time…but also melancholic. Being children of military families, perhaps we can only understand. The photographs will say more than words, perhaps.

P1100965 P1100966 P1100967 P1100968 P1100970 P1100973 P1100974 P1100976 P1100982 P1100985 P1100986


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