Bee Kingdom Open House

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Karen and I attended Bee Kingdom’s Open House on Saturday afternoon.  It was a great day…a bit of sunshine…a breeze…beautiful pieces of glass exhibited tastefully throughout the residence-gallery at 427 22nd Ave NW.  Once seated for a demonstration, I always get so relaxed. I start drifting.  It’s such a calming environment; the space is warm and the good humoured gents are genuine and genuinely funny.  You are guaranteed at least one real belly laugh, but plan for more!  There is no pretense and that is a part of this magical hive that they have been building over the years.  If you have never enjoyed an open house, watch for the next one.  And keep tabs on these fellas.  They are always up to something wonderful!

The professional grade film footage is above…the less than ideal footage (mine) is below.   Thanks, Phil, for giving me permission to post.



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