Wreck City: Lea Bucknell and my Good Byes

Photo Credit: Kathleen Moors

Photo Credit: Kathleen Moors


Photo Credit: Kathleen Moors


Photo Credit: Kathleen Moors

My son and I attended Wreck City yesterday afternoon.  It was my good-bye to the houses.  Things have changed and have evolved since opening night.  I felt a certain sadness yesterday…but then, I’m sad lately anyway, so that was ok.  Saying good-bye is always difficult…a cliche, but true.  I was able to talk to Lane, however briefly, and also with the artist-gent who kept the Giving Tree fire going all these evenings.  Those conversations helped.


Photo Credit: Kathleen Moors

I climbed all of the ladders and did all the crawling and discovering that I hadn’t done on opening night because of spatial constraints and a huge public presence.  I particularly loved Lea Bucknell’s camera obscura.

I also felt such peace, being up in the bird nest in the sunshine and spring breeze.  I have gathered so many different images that I am going to keep them in my archive and use them, over time, to illustrate my posts and poems.  Thank you to all who had anything to do with Wreck City…the artist curators, artists and visionaries.  Thanks to Awesome Foundation Calgary.  You could not have donated $1000.00 to a more current and abiding vision.


Photo Credit: Kathleen Moors


Photo Credit: Kathleen Moors


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