Tyrannosaurus WRECKs CITY!

Credits are included with this stellar documentation…I wanted to share those with my readers. If you haven’t attended…there are only two more days. :0(

WRECK CITY | an epilogue for 809




People will tell you that you really had to be there – and, as with most experiential activities, they’ll be right. But just in case you couldn’t be, here’s a taster from the first few days at WRECK CITY (including some photos of finished artworks by various artists).

On the Opening Night of WRECK CITY, we saw just shy of 2,000 Calgarians wandering through our home-made neighbourhood. Demographics ranged from pre-speech children barbling in their Mama’s strollers, to ripened grown-ups, wandering cautiously through the houses with varying degrees of curiosity. All our friends were there, viewing work alongside hundreds of strangers, meeting each other and sharing thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Isn’t that what Art does best?

“It feels like Halloween!” commented one of my pals, glancing back over the hordes of people, wandering from door to door, bracing themselves for a trick or…

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