The Kelly Richey Band at the Blue’s Can

Here’s my little piece of film…I hope it captures the essence of how this music reached into my soul.

I bought my twenty dollar CD at the break.  I hadn’t heard of her…hadn’t heard her…and told Kelly just that.  And yet, at the deepest level, she connected with me and was fully present in that moment, although she was on a very short break after a very long set.  I can not tell you how her guitar playing impacted me…in fact, I sat through one song and found tears slipping down my cheeks. I had rolled into the Blue’s Can to meet my cousin…listen to a few songs…and then drive home.  I ended up staying until one in the morning and was shocked at this when the clock in my van lit up.

Kelley Richey, Blues Can, April 2013

Kelley Richey, Blues Can, April 2013

I think that Kelly Richey’s passion and her dedication to music and well-being was so apparent that I felt a glue take hold.  I felt a lifetime of investment and a focus that I hadn’t experienced first-hand in an individual for a very long time.  This, during that one song, spoke to my life as an artist and caused me to squirm a little in my seat.

I’ve taken a sabbatical from painting that now has to come to an end.  I need to re-dedicate myself to the process and practice of painting beyond my evenings at the Gorilla House and the dabbling I’ve been doing.  I have four bodies of work painted in my head, but not on the easel.  It is time to manifest.

For those of you who, like me, didn’t know Kelly Richey’s music up until now, here is a link to her comprehensive website.  I’m ripping off a photograph…hope that’s ok…to illustrate my post here.  Freekbass endorses Grove Guitars and the image comes from there.  Freekbass played a couple of bass solos that caused the chills in me!  Read his biography material here!  Superb bass player.

Kelly Richey

2 thoughts on “The Kelly Richey Band at the Blue’s Can

  1. Hi, I found your link to Grove Guitars (Thanks!). Your words about the Kelley Richey Band were so sincere. I poked around on your site a bit and found it interesting, I hope the paintings in your head come out even better than planned. Also hope I can borrow your “time to manifest” phrase.

    • Heh, Scott! Thank you for taking time for reading and responding. Kelly Richey’s one swoop into my life has made a marked impact and she came into my heart just when I needed her kind of grit blended with gentleness. Thanks for letting me borrow your photograph. And use the idea, ‘time to manifest’ wherever and whenever you can! :0)

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