Wreck City: Touch and Feel

Related to house 803, please consider enjoying the thoughts of NOT A LAZY SUZEN’s Suzen Green.

I really like it when art solicits a response at a sensory level.  Most of the art at Wreck City is accessible!  I am invited to touch the art and explore it, a dramatic contrast to the experience of the commercial gallery scene, a scene that holds a completely different role in the community.

Artist-Curator, Jennifer Crighton saw the contributions of Sarah Adams, Yvonne Mullock, Suzen Green, Kiarra Albina, Suki Sawatsky, Desiree Nault, Karly Mortimer, Yvonne Kustec, Stacey Watson and others.

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The Wreck City blog posted this biographical material…”JENNIFER Crighton is an artist, curator, musician, and sometimes cultural administrator. She has a special interest in community, especially as this relates to our sense of home, our domestic and cultural spaces, and the people we gather around ourselves for support and inspiration. For her, working in any creative field is a collective endeavor, where the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Her collaborators have often been people, but they have also been old houses, online social networks, musical instruments, drawing implements, SLR Cameras, bowling pins, balls of yarn and vintage clothing, all this because she knows that without these things her work could not exist. As a rule she will favor an artwork that conveys a feeling but stubbornly evades an explanation over the too-easy convenience of a snug conceptual fit. She has no issue with hopping between different disciplines, as she is keen to exploit the unique strengths of each.”

In addition to the sharing of art and such a unique environment, 803 is playing host to a Critical Theory Book Club tonight.  The following…reblogged from their site.

“At the end of April, we will get together in the Wreck city house of Jennifer Crighton to discuss the next reading. Jennifer has selected a group of women artists that are altering or interacting with the domestic spaces within a house in Sunnyside. The house is slated to be demolished along with the other houses on the block in order to make room for more profitable developments. These artists are asked to reflect on questions arising from this situation. To fit in with Jennifer’s curatorial premise as well as with the larger premise of the whole Wreck City Project, we will read the short essay Bodies-Cities by Elizabeth Grosz. In this paper she looks at how our cities and bodies are mutually constitutive beings and how our current models for looking at what a city is and what a body is are problematic and limited. Our discussion group will include members of our reading group and the artists working within this house, so everyone present will be able to participate in a nurturing and constructive environment. Here is a link to Grosz’ essay:”


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