Wreck City: Inside Outside Upside Down

P1100460The image above captures the scene when I first arrived at Wreck City.  I like the texture of this…the light and paint…the obvious structure accommodating a slide.  Not typical now, is it? P1100462I’ve seen better photos than this of the Wreck City sign…but this is mine :0)  and I like it! P1100463 The light was fading:  I decided to do the main levels of everything and once tempted, to climb some stairs and wander upward.  Ladders…NO!  I’m going to do those on my second visit.  I’m very curious about the nest-like structure above.P1100465Brad was the first guy I met…even before bumping into Jason’s parents at the back of 621.  I’m glad that Jason returned to Calgary!  Look at what’s going on here!  Anyway, Brad had been working on the side of house 621 for only two hours and LOOK!  He told me that he was enjoying having such freedom and such a grand surface. P1100467I met Amy Dryer (Fragments of Soul) artist and her partner on fabric stairs.  This, after also meeting Jen (Photographer) and Phil (Glass Blower) coming around a corner.  Nice to see so many zillions of people out and walking through houses together.  P1100481 Gilded beer cans randomly integrated into an entrance vignette.P1100498 Atmosphere…once dark, this outdoor sculpture created a significant mood and a remembrance of campfires and friendship and sing songs.P1100500Coloured clothing on a clothes line…instead of reading as laundry…these pieces read as art.  Are they?  I don’t know…but they are reading that way. P1100501A bedroom…cozy…built around a back yard tree.

A Bridge connecting 819 to 823 as part of WRECK CITY Bridge by artist Alia Shahab

A Bridge connecting 819 to 823 as part of WRECK CITY
Bridge by artist Alia Shahab

Walking between two houses…this way!

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