Wreck City: Remnants of 801

Catalogued as debris, I am more inclined to call the ‘stuff of our lives’ remnants.  That’s just me.  Brandon A. Dalmer is the curator for House 801.  The artists exhibiting there…Brian Schirk, Sasha Foster, Morris Fox, Tiffany Wollman, Lindsay Sorell, Farlee Mowat, Tammy Primeau, Lea Bucknell, Rebecca Noone, Katarzyna Koralewska and Sarah Vansloten.

I was very much impressed by the archive of slivers and bits of matter revealed as art in one of the houses…a collection of slides and notations that spoke of the unique content of the property, the walls and floors throughout the house.  I will be returning to Wreck City later in the week and hope to gather more focused shots of the numerous items collected.  This was a theme that appeared in several spaces, but as unique artistic expressions.  I also wish to make note of the specific artist who created this art within the space.

I also need to return to the site during the week because I didn’t do any of the stairs/ladders to basements…and I want to revisit Lea Bucknell’s Pinhole Camera in the daytime.

P1100485 P1100486 P1100489 P1100490 P1100491 P1100494

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