Wreck City: A Conversation

If my local readers have not yet visited Wreck City, please do!  I have decided that I need to separate emotional experiences and so there will be a whole number of moments that I try to archive here over the next while.

When I stepped into this particular room, I stood silently and listened to others converse…watched them spin the crocheted chandelier in the center of the room.  It was in this space that I first realized that we were all saying a ‘good bye’ to the home of a family and the home of a family before that and possibly the home of another before that.

Wreck City 1

Saying a ‘good bye’ is such a familiar experience for me lately.  I watch myself saying a constant ‘good bye’ as my mother loses memories and associations with her story and our common narrative.  I watch the pain in my father, who is too busy as caregiver, to even grieve that particular loss as he simply wants to get through each new day.  At Wreck City, it seems to me, that artists are trying to sustain something…create a collective memory for us.  The internet is presently swamped with photographs of the events of these few houses and these last few days…in these images, will the houses be remembered?

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