Where are You Now, Scout and Natasha?

I taught these two explorers when they were in junior high and they looked something like this.

March 17 2009 Art and Feb Words 098 March 17 2009 Art and Feb Words 099I followed their journeys through high school art to some degree and knew that they had stayed connected to visual arts although they were busy with so much more, such well-rounded ladies, full of good humour…that they continue to be fun to be around.  They worked double-hard, pretty much triple-hard, this past year, saving for their trip of a lifetime…five to six months all over the United Kingdom and Europe.  It’s been fun watching them blog and post photos of the wonders they are experiencing on their Tumblr account, Reverse Pioneering.

Here we are before they left…so full of planning and excitement.  We snacked and chatted the evening away and then they were gone…landing first in London.

P1090640Today, I received a postcard from the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.  I wanted them to see Guernica by Pablo Picasso and THEY DID!  I dream to stand before this image and believe it to be as powerful as described.  In my own high school experience, while competing in an expository format, I delivered a memorized speech throughout Montana in national competition.  I feel like this is one iconic image and I cherish the fact that they put this in the mail for me!  Safe travels, ladies!

P1100420 P1100421


3 thoughts on “Where are You Now, Scout and Natasha?

  1. I do so hope that one day you get to stand in front of Guernica. It is as these young women describe and so much more! Flying gets easier the more you do it 🙂

  2. Kathleen – I know so well this precious connection to students, you should feel honoured. I also recall my first viewing of Guernica, two years ago. It was so powerful I couldn’t stay there – I walked around the gallery, had a coffee and then went back. I was truly blown away. It never shows its strength in books, slides or web images. One needs to stand in front of this masterpiece to understand…

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