Love Art in Calgary Tour: Part 4

Next…a place I love, for its regular and shifting events and for the fun it has brought to the Calgary core.  Situated right on the main C Train line, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) has provided for some great entertainment over the last long while and I highly recommend that those readers who have opportunity, do get down for an opening.

The real bonus that came with the Love Art in Calgary Tour was the fact that we had the chance to visit with Jeffrey Spaulding, Artistic Director of MOCA.  He is always accessible, but in this setting, we had the opportunity to learn some very cool things about the present exhibit in a very chilled environment. A collaboration between MOCA, the Art Gallery of Calgary and Paul Kune galleries, finds us enjoying the 2012 Made in Alberta exhibit, works that span the period 1912 to 2012.  This, directly from the MOCA website…


In celebration of Calgary 2012, as Canada’s Cultural Capital, MOCA Calgary has prepared a series of related exhibitions as a centenary snapshot of the two bookend years: 1912 contrasted with 2012. The exhibition component 1912/2012 MADE IN ALBERTA surveys the extraordinary richness of contemporary Alberta art. It gathers together over 50 of the most prominent visual artists at work in Alberta. It comprises something of a yearbook of highlights from the 2012 season of art exhibitions as selected by Jeffrey Spalding, Artistic Director, MOCA Calgary together with Kayleigh Hall, Curator, The Art Gallery of Calgary and Esther Krasnow of Paul Kuhn Gallery, Contemporary Art. Owing to the scale of the works selected and the large number of artists included, the project will be shown in four parts: part one and three at MOCA Calgary, part two at Paul Kuhn Gallery and part four at The Art Gallery of Calgary.

MOCA Calgary proudly unveils 1912/2012 MADE IN ALBERTA III. The artists selected for presentation includes

Kyle Beal, Dianne Bos, Eric Cameron, Joane Cardinal-Schubert, Chris Cran, David Foxcroft, Richard Halliday, Geoffrey Hunter, Billy McCarroll, Ron Moppett, Randy Niessen, Shelley Ouellet, Colleen Philippi, Robert Scott, Dean Turner, Laura Vickerson, Nicholas Wade, Mary Shannon Will.

Thanks to Jeffrey Spaulding for his approachability and his terrific knowledge of art history.  This was an exceptional part of today’s tour!


Eric Cameron


Ron Moppett


David Foxcroft


Richard Halliday

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