Love Art in Calgary Tour: Part 3

Rob Mabee of Axis Contemporary Art at Art Central was so hospitable!  What a generous person, in terms of the discussion that he engaged us with around art, Art Central and his history with Axis Contemporary Art.  We were already at Studio C, so it was just a matter of going up a couple of flights of stairs to Axis.  I had formerly walked into this gallery during First Thursday events, but hadn’t ever visited with Rob, so that was really the special aspect of this part of the tour.  There was quite a variety of work from the Axis collection, so that was fun.  Early in April, they will be featuring Verna Vogel’s works.  Once housed in a larger warehouse space downstairs, Rob shared that he enjoys the more intimate and welcoming location and that people feel less intimidated by it.

I think that it’s important for the community to understand that art is accessible…that there is not some prerequisite in terms of knowledge, understanding or experience with art, for every person to enjoy it.  Sometimes art just leaves us speechless and that’s ok too.

Here is an excellent biography about Rob Mabee.  Calgary is so fortunate to have him as an approachable and positive contributor to our art scene.

Taken directly from the article…and I suggest you read it…THIS.

7. Name a Calgarian that you admire and tell us why.  I admire my friend Mike Swanson for the time, energy and total commitment he gives to running the Inn From the Cold program at his church.  Visiting him there made me appreciate him, and all the people like him that make giving-back part of their daily lives.

Thank you, Rob, for your time and your easy manner!  A great part of Wendy Lee’s first Love Art in Calgary Tour!  Axis Contemporary Art is located at #203, 100 7th Ave SW on the second floor.


The Bathers Series by Christine Wignall Photo Credit: Kathleen Moors


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