Love Art in Calgary Tour: Part 2

Opportunities to Chat about Art, the City, common goals and visions!

Opportunities to chat about art, the city, common goals and visions!

Housed in Art Central and in some jeopardy of being realigned based on recent news of re-development, Studio C/ArtRecruits has been one space that has enjoyed longevity in the sometimes-struggling venue.  While its initial vision was a very exciting one, a number of variables have contributed to the fact that several spaces within the building now sit vacant.

On the positive side, Wendy introduced us to Studio C, a very exciting exhibition space and workshop that has its mission based on developing employability of marginalized individuals through the experience and practice of art.

Directly from their website, this.

Studio C offers an innovative program called ArtRecruits. ArtRecruits provides Calgary’s mental health population with alternative experiences in developing employment skills through the medium of art.

What is the connection between art and employment?

The essential skills needed for employment success include time management, communication, interpersonal skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, planning and the ability to work independently. All of these skills can be developed and practiced through the discipline of art. ArtRecruits is an experiential learning opportunity where people can develop these skills, ones that Calgary employers are specifically seeking.

Thanks to Sage for meeting us at Studio C and sharing enthusiastically about the Studio C vision and walking us through various collaborative art works produced in the warm and practical studio space.  I think that the flow from Gorilla House to Studio C was a natural one as both settings are open to providing opportunities for ALL in the joy of self expression.  An awesome website provides information about various programs and collaborations that are happening.  Currently, a book launch is in the works for Wednesday night at this location.  (9, 100 7 Ave SW – Lower Level) Thanks to Prospect for your vision and to the Government of Canada for funding. 



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