In Closing Tonight: The Passion of Our Lord

Yesterday marked the beginning of Holy Week.  I’ve written much today about art and music and life, but most important to me and most deeply felt, was the reading of our Lord’s Passion yesterday at our Palm Sunday Mass.  As the readers journeyed through Luke Chapter 22 and onward, I once again asked myself, “What were people thinking?”  I do this every year at this time…I wonder what motivated each character in the narrative…how each person arrived at the decisions they did.  I found myself crying for the frustration of it all, again,  the senselessness by any human terms.  And then, I fall into an experience of total gratitude and know that the narrative took the direction our Father intended it.  It gives me shivers…my part in the story is so perfectly clear.  I am in awe.  I am grateful.  Tonight, as I step away from a bit of a writing jag, I hold this story close to my heart and wish for each of you a journey of peace and new found clarity.


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