Changing the Landscape: A Bag at a Time…A Failed Experiment?

With the recent publication of the official trailer for Midway,  I got to feeling angry about the neglect that humanity holds for such a wondrous planet!

I reflected back on my stewardship project of last year…and my hopes that three things would happen, if I chose to pick up a full to over flowing bag of litter every single day.  I thought that if people had a clean space for recreation, it might do three things.

1. It might cause other people, by providing an exemplar, to stoop down and pick up litter.

2. It may cause a shift in thinking, where people wished to maintain a clean environment because it caused some a sort of peacefulness or well being.

3.  It may cause neighbouring businesses to create stewardship opportunities and initiatives, as a way of building up community.

This is the status of Frank’s Flats today.  Soon, the water birds will be returning to nest and this is what they will find.



4 thoughts on “Changing the Landscape: A Bag at a Time…A Failed Experiment?

  1. This is one of the most heartbreaking eye sores. Sometimes I pick up litter just out of love for the environment I am in… but never as an example. I have long ago given up on that…

    • It breaks my heart that people like you and me should give up on absolutely anything. I so appreciate your comment…I will do this for the love of the land and not for the hope that others will change. I also want to tell you that because I had a teaching contract, I have had no time to read your blog…now that it is over, I will enjoy catching up! Bless you.

  2. It is sad that many people care so little about the condition of the earth and are too lazy to pick up their own garbage, let alone other the garbage of others!

  3. I pressed ‘like’ because I admire your mission and tenacious courage, however, there’s nothing to like about these heartbreaking videos – I cry for all living things that have to put up with our thoughtless crap…

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