Meeting Mikhail Miller-Lajeunesse

Presently, Mikhail has taken up residence in the 809 Space in Kensington, to exhibit new work on March 7.  I met Mikhail at the Gorilla House this past Wednesday and chatted with him for a very few minutes.  He is both a gentleman and an inspired artist.  I was fortunate enough to purchase his piece at auction for an unreasonable and other-worldly price…and this leaves me…annoyed for him, but genuinely thrilled for myself!

As soon as I saw his work, I was blown away…given the sha-BANG about Valentines the very next day.  The piece spoke to me of love, of the other-worldly realm of love, of love gone wrong…of love gone right.  The two figures meld…but, the viewer is left with a question at that connection. The old idea, “he completes me”, comes to mind. My next post will actually deal with the fundamental realities of what Valentines ‘is’ for a person like me…but this does not negate the powerful tug that we all feel when the world tells us we should be eating chocolates and handing out roses.  All this aside, Mikhail’s piece is an important addition to the works displayed in my bedroom.

Ain’t No Shelter

Photo Credit: Mikhail Miller

Photo Credit: Mikhail Miller

Photo Credit: Mikhail Miller through 809 Space

Photo Credit: Mikhail Miller through 809 Space

Just a few tidbits ripped off from Mikhail’s blog and the 809 Space, in the case that you don’t click…but I hope you will.

Artist Biography:

“Mikhail Miller is a visual artist, community organizer and social activist born in Calgary, AB, Canada. Mikhail graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2006, with a Bachelors of Fine Art from the Print Media faculty. From 2008/09 Mikhail served as a work/study intern at the Banff Centre for the Arts. In 2010/11 he was curator of the Ministry of Casual Living artist-run project space. Mikhail’s prints, paintings, sculptures and community murals have been enjoyed throughout much of western Canada and internationally. Recently Mikhail spent a four-month period making new work in Oaxaca, Mexico, which resulted in two solo exhibitions at Espacio Zapata in Oaxaca and Galeria Anomalia in Mexico City. Mikhail Miller currently lives and works in Victoria, BC.”


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