Once the students had entered, stowed their clothing away and sorted out their groups, I wandered off for a little discovery on my own at the Telus Spark Science Center. I wanted to note a couple of quick points before I head off to bed tonight.

First of all, I was most amazed, as I entered my favourite section, Earth and Sky, by the huge piece produced by Romana Prokopiw.  Poet, author and artist, Prokopiew knit weather through a year and produced a spectacular piece.  I could not move my eyes away from it for quite some time.  And, I suppose that because I can not find much at all, in the way of information about her on the internet, I encourage you all to visit Spark, if only to visit this piece.

I am always captivated by the many jars of bottled water, coloured with natural dyes and pigments to imitate participants favourite sky colours.  The water and light in this corner of the display interplay and create a magical environment.

There were many wonders and discoveries as the day progressed, including composing a landscape, but I was most impressed by the Sky Dome experience in the morning.  I was in awe of the spectacle of our universe…the immensity of it all…the moon, stars, sun, planets and galaxies.  Our planet did, indeed, appear to be a great blue jewel in the midst of endless forever.  So, as a final gesture before I go to sleep, I want to post this here and hope you will take the time to enjoy Carl Sagan’s words.

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