Book of the Week: Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Thank you, Mary, for the gift of Wild!  This is an exceptional memoir that has been percolating with me all week…and all day, since I put it down, complete, after my second coffee.  Because of this reading, I’ve been seeing everything through this particular lens all day..

It causes me to treasure, in my heart, more than even is possible, my beautiful family near and far.  I feel very grateful for my mother and my father.  It forces me to consider ‘letting go’…allowing my adult children to make choices on their own, in order to celebrate and learn about who they really are.

Thirdly, it came to me at a good time because I’ve been considering and researching the possibility of walking El Camino de Santiago de Compostela lately.  It’s a pipe dream, given that my readers know, I am the owner of a fairly neurotic border collie and he is ONLY four years old.  Yes.  There are some road blocks…but I definitely see this as a possibility.  I am praying about it and tucking away travel money as I go along.  I will watch for the opportunity and for the doors to open.

In the meantime, the author’s exploration of the Pacific Coast Trail shares such an amazing story of courage, fortitude and healing.  I highly recommend this book for any one who has known that intimate experience of wilderness and what that wilderness can teach you.


Wild by Cheryl Strayed

2 thoughts on “Book of the Week: Wild by Cheryl Strayed

  1. Sounds like a good book. But she certainly started the hard way. I hope, that if you begin a hike like that, you’ll have more experience in hiking before you start, and will listen to the advice of those who’ve gone long distances. It can be a wonderful trip.

    • I know that I would not set my sites on the PCT, but I do think that the El Camino de Santiago is a possibility, given that there are many pilgrims along the way. I found Strayed’s stories of hiking the snow/ice and the Sierra the most frightening. Given my age, something has changed in my hiking…a feeling of vertigo now gets to me on certain grades.

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