Losing Ted

When I received the news that we lost Ted Godwin this morning, I couldn’t help but hear his voice…hear his laugh.  I will go down to the Bow River later…to actually say good-bye.


CBC Radio Interview with Jeff Spalding

Ted blessed us with his music…with his art…and with his life.  He was such a huge support to me.  He was such a huge person.  He was not timid about the way he lived his life. While I consider a few very special female artists…Bev Tosh, Joane Cardinal Schubert and most especially, Laurel Cormack, to be my mentors…Ted was my Einstein.  He was so generous with his wisdom about making art, shipping art…sharing good music in his studio…laughing through a gregarious conversation at an opening…offering advice about pretty much everything.  Ted blessed us with a very long history of Canadian art that will resonate with us always.

I recommend Ted’s books.  I received my copy of Lower Bow: A Celebration Of Wilderness, Art and Fishing at the Canadian Art Galleries opening of The Lower Bow exhibit in March of 1992.  Reading that book, changed my way of thinking about life and death as he described his visits with his family on the river.  I never saw the river in quite the same way. In fact, his passing this morning, has inspired the Christmas card that I have not yet sent.  It is almost as though I have waited for that inspiration.

We will miss you, Ted.

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Photo Credit : Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary (MOCA Calgary)

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  1. I didn’t know Ted, and didn’t know of him… but reading a bit about him, hearing the music, and checking out his site, helped me understand just a bit what it was that I had missed. I am sure that it was really wonderful having him be a part of your world, and learning from his advice.

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