Frida Came Home

I met Bronwyn Schuster at one of the Gorilla House Battles.  Take a look at her portfolio, using the link provided, to be convinced of this young woman’s talent and unique way of viewing the world.  When I saw her Frida Kahlo piece, I was convinced that she was made for me and now she has found her way home, with Joane Cardinal Schubert’s piece based on dreams in a sweat lodge beside her and my own piece of art-furniture based on Chagall’s stained glass window, Zebulon, a beautiful piece that connects with the energy of water, below her.

P1080798P1080802P1080799I am really pleased with this new piece of art and will cherish it always.  I have learned much from reading The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait by Carlos Fuentes and viewing her art in books and in life.

A warning to my readers/viewers, Frida suffered significant pain throughout her life…physical, as well as emotional.  She used her art in a very honest way to express and live out this journey as a woman.  If you have difficulties with very sensitive content, you may not wish to view her biography.  However, if you wish to become both inspired and knowledgeable, this is an amazing archive of her life and her life’s work.


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  1. Frida has been my hero for many years. When I began my annual visits to Mexico I was amazed to see her image often juxtaposed with that of The Virgin – she has obtained a saintly mythology there. Your “art furniture” homage to Chagall reminded me of my last visit home to the UK. I was visiting my cousin in Kent. She and her husband drove me to a local church where, they said, I would see something of interest, as they knew I was interested in art history. It was a small and very English church and as we entered the dark interior I was immediately aware of the stained glass windows. The images were very familiar and I realized that they were by Chagall. I asked the curate about them and he told me the history: The local Lord and Lady lost their only daughter in a drowning accident – they knew Chagall and commissioned him to create a window in the church in memory of their daughter. Having done this the church council commissioned Chagall to replace all of the church windows to have unity with the memorial glass. So here I was in the middle of the Kent countryside looking at a church full of Chagall stained glass art – blew my mind…

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