Every December Sky


The calendar page turned…and it was December.  On December 2, 1979…I married.  The marriage, like snow on December trees, disappeared.  I am always and forever in a state of acceptance because my life did not turn out as I had planned or how I had predicted it would be.  I strive to practice happiness, however…to create daily, an experience of the full spectrum of emotion…even if that happiness is aroused out of the humming of an Advent tune on a sad day or the flow of purple satin under the nativity set on a frustrating day.  Somewhere, I find it.

4 thoughts on “Every December Sky

  1. Nice photo. Sorry that the marriage didn’t work out. Though we’ve all learned that the plans we make when we’re young are seldom realized… how good it is that you’ve learned to accept life as it is. Wishing you a very beautiful month.

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