Weekend Blessing #4: The Ordinary

It is the last week of Ordinary Time on the liturgical calendar and today we celebrated the Feast of Christ the King.  I felt blessed by the celebration of the Eucharist and by the many encounters with people in my church family.  I’ve carried thoughts of this connection throughout the day and I’m so grateful to begin a day with our Lord, in the truest of senses.

As well, I’ve been very connected with the weather…the sky…the beauty of the natural world that surrounds me.  Every day I have at least an hour and a half outdoors with my border collie, Max.  Some days, in terms of weather, are just better than others.  This was a magical day.

Morning visitor to my neighbour’s tree.

Max and I head for our favourite pond…countless geese heading up off the river.

Open water…a dazzle of light and colour.


The Boy Poses


What a weekend…but WAIT!  That’s not all!  I wanted to describe, even a titch, what a blessing my children…my friends…and my family are to me!  Having just finished a roast beef dinner and sharing time at the feast table, I want to say how blessed I am every day by the love of others.

I am especially grateful for my dear cousin, Margy.  I went hunting for a photograph of her and noticed one thing for certain…Margy isn’t wild about posting photos of herself.  Most photographs will find her cuddling up with one of her grandchildren, her children or her Mom or Dad.  Margy is selfless and I have to write here how grateful I am for her friendship, her advise and her kind spirit.

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      • Yes, my first name is Shimon. Thank you for the geography. I visited Canada many years ago, and remember it as beautiful. A pleasure getting to know you.

  1. I am a Leo, child of the sun. Because I am unable to escape winter this year by fleeing to Mexico I have been trying to find ways to engage with winter and find that which is meaningful to me in this season. Your photos and posts are helping me to see the beauty of snow and cold – thank you Kathleen…

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