People are still asking, “What is the Gorilla House?”

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Steinhardt NYU

In our particular HOUSE, we network, chat, laugh, sip wine together, paint.  This Gorilla House was the vision of an art teacher, Rich Theroux.  He gradually invited some artists to share his vision…the ones who responded without hesitation, became the Primates…you will see the Primates featured in the weekly videos posted on a facebook site.  As well, the doors were opened to whatever artists wished to paint live (I would be in this category), after the spinning of the wheel of doom.

Three concepts are spewed out from interesting books, journals and secret boxes that have a space on the circle of doom…and then the artists find a niche in the house in order to respond and create for two hours.  Gradually, over that period…the house becomes loaded with people…public…audience…friends and at 9:30 the auction begins.  The artist, (well I speak for myself here) has a very immediate relationship with their work (BOOM) and then, (POOF) it is gone!  The artist shares half of the goods with the house and I’m assuming that the funds are used to sustain it…buy toilet paper, pay the rent…those sorts of things.  I have enough pocket cash each week in order to buy an order of groceries or fill a tank with gas.  Certainly…nothing like the days as a professional artist.  But…there is such joy given to that relationship between the artist and the public.  Nothing can be better!  I have felt invigorated in my creative process and this is spilling over into all aspects of my life.

Included here are a few images that capture the space/the environment/the practice.

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