I am not a trained musician.  My daughter used to play the oboe.  I thought that even at her young age, she played the most wondrous and beautiful music.  There wasn’t a time that she performed that I didn’t sit in the audience weeping quietly.  This sometimes annoyed her because she knew of the potential of her instrument and she understood the path that she was on with the instrument.  I only knew that the music sounded magical and it moved something in me.  Brings to mind the question, is connoisseurship necessary for the appreciation of music?

I know absolutely nothing about the cello…how it is played…what is required…but I do know that when I hear a cello, I get shivers.  It is so beautiful.  I’ve selected, based on my reading of The Cellist of Sarajevo, a few pieces and posted them here.  I’ve been listening to these while writing this morning.

It is now time to feed those shivering birds and get out for an off-leash experience.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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