Afternoon in the Garden


Fridays spent relaxing…walking the hills that overlook the city…wandering book stores, experiencing the wind as leaves do somersaults down the road…it’s all so wonderful.  My mums…the last of the plants to bloom.  Good-bye beautiful summer…hello frosty mornings.

2 thoughts on “Afternoon in the Garden

  1. Your mums remind me of my grandad who grew dozens of them in his back garden. No frost yet in Vancouver but temps getting close to zero at night. Today brought inside the plants I hope to save from the cold. I am not a cold person and can’t say I look forward to the coming winter, especially as this one won’t be relieved by my annual visit to Mexico – ah well – this too shall pass…

    • We are digging out from a blanket of snow…I hear that you’ve had rain. Wishing you a beautiful day. Hoping to get out to the studio and upscale some old pieces of furniture. Opted out of taking a guest-teaching role today. :0)

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