The movie, Hugo, really struck a chord with me.  Most of you saw it a good while ago…I had heard that it was beautiful.  And it was.  I was especially taken by the artistry of the film…its incorporation of all things sculptural, emotive and colourful.  I was delighted by the various links to early films, story boards, set design and sketches, but especially intrigued by the automaton that became as much a central character as the young boy, Hugo Cabret, played by Asa Butterfield.

If you haven’t seen this film as yet, please do.  Reviews cover the spectrum from admiration to disdain, as always…many complaints about various aspects of this Scorsese film, beginning early with the english accents in a french setting.  To state the obvious, movies, like music, speak to the individual heart.  Hugo spoke to mine. Fabulous!

Today I’ve spent some time exploring automatons and wondering about the complexity of their construction.  I’m posting a few bits here.

Leonardo’s programmable cart.

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  1. Asa Butterfield was cast as Ender Wiggin in the upcoming “Ender’s Game” film. The fact that the film is being made makes me quite anxious, but after seeing Hugo I’m cautiously optimistic.

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