Gorilla House LIVE ART: October 3, 2012

I purchased myself a new easel…THIS ONE! 

I am so excited about it!  In fact, I spent about thirty minutes trying to construct it at the beginning of the evening…four ‘easy’ steps…and had a hoot with a couple of female artists, working through the process.  It is interesting to discover how one problem solves when one is an artist.  Well, enough said!

Last evening’s energizing concepts were so disconnected and random.  That is the way Gorilla House artists regularly feel at that moment at the top of seven o’clock when the wheel of doom is spun.  The first concept was ‘a Cadillac to heaven’.  Next, ‘zombie’.  And the final one…’finger prints on glossy paper’.  In retrospect, I wish that I had focused more on the third idea…but, surprisingly, I went for the ZOMBIE.  This was like throwing caution to the wind!

I decided to fragment a photograph of Rich Theroux, the visionary behind the Calgary Gorilla House. (Rich has got to feel like a zombie sometimes (whatever that feels like)  as he is working full time and keeping the House going and being a great dad and husband).Two hours did not allow for much of a portrait and the person who won this painting at auction has allowed me to bring it home to extend my painting time.  Whoot!   Ideally,  the portrait of Rich will be very descriptive while the background spinning around Rich will be surreal and painterly.  So, in order to create that juxtaposition, I need more time with the portrait.  Because I was working with grid references in the figure, the right and left sides of the face do not align, diminishing the accuracy of the facade.  In the studio this week, I will have time for those corrections.

Photo Credit: Terry Storey

The idea bubble to the right of the composition represents the initial concept for the HOUSE and the text reads, “Heaven is the Conversation”.  I think that this is the most wonderful thing about this place…the sort of conversation that is possible between artist and viewer.  Special thanks to Desere for her encouragement and observation in the final moments of the battle.

Photo Credit: Terry Storey

Thanks to David Pascoe for purchasing this piece at auction!

And thanks to my beautiful daughter, Cayley, for feeding me warm cookies at her place, after the LIVE ART battle!  I love you, Cayley!

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