Spaghetti Western Festival

More free fun in Calgary!  I attended the 5th Annual Spaghetti Western Festival with my cousin and daughter and had a beautiful afternoon!  Summer days are dreamy and add to those, great music and good food (Montreal smoked meat on rye with red onion…slaw on the side…purchased from a bright red food truck) and they are even better!  Among the artists that we enjoyed yesterday afternoon were the T. Buckley Trio (T. Buckley, Tim Leacock and Derek Pullium) and Treeline. Thanks to Matt Masters for hosting…it was an awesome time!  So glad that I won one of your t-shirts!

This is before we discovered the flock of flying ants!

All sorts of people joined in the fun…wedding photographs, blond wigs and water play.

Derek Pullium….great stuff!

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