Gorilla House LIVE ART: August 15, 2012

Thanks to Rich Theroux for realizing his vision! Photo credit to Doug Wong.

Photo courtesy of Doug Wong

Great fun, collaboration and creative energy was exerted in another action-packed art battle at the Gorilla House.  I was pleased to meet another blogging-artist in the mix and think that Belinda creates intensely coloured and dynamically patterned works. (she also takes amazing archives and I appreciate her loan of a photograph)  Welcome to the battles, girlie!

Belinda, Courtesy of Calgary’s Doug Wong

The three concepts of the evening were 1. science and progress 2. she left me for another and 3. angels.  As I began to ruminate about the first topic,  pattern came to mind.  I think that what we have discovered as scientists and engineers has much to do about the discovery of patterns…I assembled bits of cast off pattern pieces that I inherited from my seamstress-mother and applied them to the surface of my panel.

Photo Credit: Doug Wong

This base informed the remainder of the piece….as I contemplated lost love, my mother, progression through life, of any sort and finally, in the literal sense, an angel.  I stylized her to a great extent.  I think that the part of the process I most-questioned was my colour palette.  I suppose it felt ‘cotton candy’ for me.  It was a tad too sweet for my liking.  I am very grateful to Laurane who generously purchased this piece at auction.  I also thank my mother who seemed to be informing this piece.  The only text I wrote in gold metallic pen was, “Your love was enough.”

Photo courtesy of Belinda.

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  1. What a great idea – and love your artwork done on dressmaker’s pattern tissue … I used it too (in one of my journals). Congratulations on the sale! =D

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