A Few Minutes in the Garden: Mary’s Lilies Bloom

I have been spending time on two missions in the garden recently…trying to disband a wasps’ nest that is tucked in between my Cremona flat stone and the tomato planter and trying to identify what sort of creature is digging holes exuberantly at my veggie garden boxes.

There is such evidence that the evening temperatures are cooler and autumn is around the corner.  The catoni asters have some red leaves in places.  The columbine have their second growth.  The mayday tree is providing the birds with plenty of berries to supplement their diet at the feeder.

Mary appeared at my house on my birthday a few years ago and gave me the gift of some beautiful lilies.  Their blooms are spectacular and I always consider them a remarkable way to end things in the gardens.  The sunflowers are now seven feet tall.  I wonder lately, if they will ever bloom.  I feel a little like ‘Jack’, if you know what I mean.  There are some rust spots on the leaves, but otherwise the tomato plants are producing generous amounts of fruit.  I have enjoyed being home this summer, watching things change.  I enjoy my back yard so much.

In fact, I am going to head out there shortly and dependent on the cloud cover, I might have the chance to witness the Perseid Meteor shower that will come to its climax tonight and in the wee hours of the morning.  Unfortunately, I do believe that our weather is going to be uncooperative.  I encourage my readers to go and take a look, wherever you may be.

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3 thoughts on “A Few Minutes in the Garden: Mary’s Lilies Bloom

  1. Kath–It is late in the season and your tomatoes have far too many leafy stems on them.Make sure there are no stems comming out from the crotches of the main stems and cut off most limbs that are not bearing fruit and remove any flowers(it is too late to get more tomatoes) you now want all the plants work to go into those tomatoes on the vine.They will get more sun in the daytime and ripen at night.. Got ithis from Mr MacDonald our agronomist neighbor in Great Falls and it has always worked for me. PS Next year try a “beefsteak” plant you’ll love them–Dad

  2. Oh gosh, Dad…Erin told me something like that weeks ago. I think you had shared that tip with her! I didn’t really ‘get it’, so I did nothing. Alright…so, this is a project for later on this afternoon! I love you both. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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