Accolades and Blogging

I think I have two ‘readers’ of my blog…I mean, outside of my parents…my children.  I still wonder why I entered into this process to begin with.  I think I have a preoccupation with archiving anything and everything, and in some ways blogging put some boundaries on that and my piles and piles of albums and journals are shorter now.  But what will come of it all?  One really never knows.

Ironically, one of the two readers I mention, had previously nominated me for one of these blog awards and while I was touched and appreciated it so much, I felt overwhelmed with the criteria that I was to meet and still have the acceptance of the award in my ‘Draft’ file.  Today I’m going to attempt to write the acceptance speech of the century and demonstrate my sincere appreciation because this nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award comes from my second reader, John Clinock of the Art Rat Cafe.

He has my admiration for a few reasons. First, he writes thoughtful comments about my posts.  While it was never my intention to write for others here, sometimes it is so fulfilling to have a response to something I’ve thought about or something I’ve done.  There isn’t much in the way of validation for the individual sometimes (this is a strange comment to be making during the Olympics in London, but it seems there are so often opportunities for recognition in athleticism…I digress) and so, I wish to once again, express my gratitude for taking the time to ‘respond’.   Art is like breath for this blogger; it is both emotive and profound.  John’s paintings inspire. His writing syntax is poetic, sensitive; his content at times, light and humourous and at other times, heart-felt and heart-breaking.  I appreciate your nomination, John.  So, Thank you.

The Award guidelines are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
2. List 7 random things about yourself
3. Nominate fifteen other blogs
4. Notify the fifteen nominees
5. Put the award logo on your blog.

Seven Random things about me:

–       I have treasured my upbringing as the daughter of a military man and a determined and resourceful woman.

–       I was blessed with three children…and they have contributed the most to my own story…they are the shape of my life.  I love them.

–       I have had profoundly inspiring teachers.

–       I have completed the drive of the Trans Canada highway seven times in my life and last summer, for the first time, solo.

–       My first job was selling corn on the cob on a stick at the Great Falls, Montana State Fair.  I still remember the air, the buzz, the hot butter smell.

–       Laurie-dog and Max, my two border collies, have activated me as a person…they have contributed to my good health and to my forever-happiness.

–       If my children are the shape of my life, my faith is what gives that life dimension.  Outside of my faith, I would be lacking the contents of every open box…I would be a circle and not a sphere, a square and not a cube, a triangle and not a cone…strange, I know…but it is true.

This next required element will be the most difficult for me…it seems extensive…but, I am determined.  Next, I must nominate FIFTEEN bloggers for this same award and notify each.  Here goes.  I’m just thinking that these nominees may, like me, avoid the acceptance and required criteria for acceptance, but I’m nominating them regardless, just because the content of their blogs somehow reaches in to me.  I have limited time for writing posts and less time for reading posts by others…but these are the blogs that I explore on a regular basis.

1. Swords of Truth….Father Lavigne, the Assistant Pastor of St. Albert the Great Parish.  If you have opportunity to listen to any of his homilies on this blog, you will learn something, feel something and know something in your heart of hearts.  Thank you, Father Lavigne.

2. Kelcey Parker provides interviews with writers like this one and every time I read one of them, I am convinced that I can be a writer.  I think that this is a successful blog, when that sort of motivation can be inspired.  Thank you, Kelcey.

3. Allen Porter Mendenhall is someone who writes intelligently and gives me much to think about.  His genre, to over-simplify, would be a mushing together of literary review, examination of historical writing, philosophy and thought, and the power of opinion.  I wade through his words. Thank you, Allen Mendenhall.

4. I don’t receive a hard copy of the Calgary Herald at the door and I really enjoy Friday’s  Swerve Magazine.   I find the content informative and also often entertaining.  I think it shares with its readers a good cross section of what is going on in the city and what people are thinking about. I don’t know that this is considered a blog, but the posts read as such most times.  If you are local, you may want to subscribe…if you live in Vancouver, you may want to find a few reasons why Calgary rocks.  Thank you, Swerve Magazine.

5. (and a third of the way there) Ephemeral Gecko creates the most juicy collages in her sketchbook, daily!  I’ve followed her pages for quite some time just because they are beautiful.  She is great with archiving and has shared tips about dyes and dye processes on paper.  An excellent resource for anyone interested in incorporating text, layers, a variety of media.  Thank you, Ephemeral Gecko!

6. Beautiful Hello is simply-put, a beautiful, crisp and diverse blog.  Like my own blog, it wants to have a focus, but doesn’t.  Sometimes I wonder if this is a good or bad thing.  Evidenced by this blog, beauty is found in family, creation, effort, design and functionality.  There is a wide variety of material here.  I simply read it because it is BEAUTIFUL! HELLO!  Thank you, Emily Jeffords.

7.  Year-Struck is one of the excellent writers hanging about with WordPress.  I wonder sometimes why people like her are not featured on Freshly Pressed.  I’m actually beginning to notice that this is a category for fairly ‘new’ blogs…but I would like to see Year- Struck appear on their list one day just so that more people can read her work.  She uses humour and sentiment and reaches in to the core of ordinary people and experiences.   I have noticed that she is not accepting anymore awards like this one, but suffice it to say that I am likely only writing about my nominations, not necessarily informing them.  I think mayhaps that this is simply a way to link bloggers to bloggers and she and I will always be linked writer to writer.  Thank you for your support of my blog and for your exceptional writing, yearstricken.

8. I’ve dreamed to have enough knowledge that I could eek out an existence, even in the face of world calamity.  I bought all the Foxfire books while in university and sewed up moccasins from hide that I purchased in a corner store.  This makes me smile as I recollect my desire to live off the land at the time.  Now, I appreciate my bed and the convenience of the grocery store. A woman who is clearly able to plant, grow, harvest and create a wonderful life for her family is Throwback at Trapper Creek.  I enjoy my time reading about her various challenges living off the land.  Thank you, Matron of Husbandry.

9. An Afternoon With is one of the most aesthetically pleasing blogs that I spend time viewing routinely…’viewing’ being the operative word.  Photographer,  Michael Mundy enters into spaces and captures them at their essence.  Brilliant and thought-provoking work!  This is a blog I will likely always remain connected with because each time I connect, I feel as though I have been invited to step inside a space that is not my own and explore it…these spaces ARE portraits.  To see what I’m talking about, spend an afternoon with Belinda and let me know what you think. Thank you, Michael.

At this point, I’m saving this draft…I hope that it resurfaces at some point and that I complete my list of fifteen nominees.

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  1. I have just returned from my Island retreat to your words – what a wonderful welcome back and I thank you – I am very flattered. Your acceptance speech is brilliant, as your writing always is. Reading your 7 randoms I now feel I know you better and you have made a promising start to your nominee list – don’t stop now!…BTW the number 15 is not cast in stone – I believe the original criteria says “Up to 15″…You have a golden blog and I always feel refreshed after reading – looking forward to catching up on your latest…J.

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