What Are You Up To, Ed Bader?

Artist, educator, creator of multi-layered and conceptual projects, body-builder, friend…Ed Bader is such an exceptional human being, it’s important that I dedicate at least one post to some of his accomplishments.  It’s entirely possible that I’ve done this before, given that I’ve been writing on this blog since 2005, but I’m not about to research my archives. (As I went sifting through the links associated with Ed’s name, I came upon last summer’s writing about Ed Bader here.

The photo featured above is from the artist’s collection, an early shot of Ed, along with our treasured friend and university professor, Pauline McGeorge.

From White Wall North in Toronto, this.

From Lobstick, this…

“Finally, Edward Bader, a member of our Fine Arts Faculty, has contributed a study of Saskatoon Mountain, perhaps the most prominent feature on the Grande Prairie landscape, where human occupation from as far back as 9,500 BP has been uncovered. In every human occupation epoch the mountain has served as a lookout, whether for giant bison or elk, bison or enemy bombers in the jet age. Saskatoon has significance as a holy site for aboriginal people in the region, and so it is with respect for the past use of the site but also joy and a sense of closure that the former base has been returned to a more natural, if not pristine setting. People and cultures come and go, but the land remains.”

Having formerly written about the Cold War and the Pinetree Line, I found it interesting that Ed has also explored the concepts of land, culture and ideas colliding in his piece, Saskatoon Mountain.  Please view the piece here.

A Work in Progress is being Archived Here.

I’m proud of you and miss you, dear friend.

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