New Digs

It was a rainy day and I enjoyed driving to my daughter’s neck-of-the-woods in order to check out her new ‘digs’.  We chilled, grabbed some Thai food (she is in a great location), wandered a second-hand shop and shared some laughter over various and unrelated topics.  I love seeing her so relaxed, pom pom slippers and all, surrounded by places she enjoys and good people. Good to see that she’s sticking to using existing holes on those walls as well! :0) Congratulations, sweetie.

Pig Butcher Board Art

My Pigeon, chillin’

Everyone Hugs…Peace Prevails

Still Life



2 thoughts on “New Digs

  1. Well done Calab–If you get chilly next winter looks like you can curl up in the kitty hair lol
    Love ya Grampa

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