Joe Nolan at The Blues Can

Calgary was hit with some amazing light shows last evening…lots of hail in the deep south.  After the worst of it, I headed down to The Blue’s Can for Joe Nolan’s show, sharing the stage with Steven Halvorson.  Rich, rich, beautiful music.  I’m listening to High as the Moon as I type.  My buddy, Lorne, purchased me a CD.  He had a good day on the VLTs that day…so, he picked up music for all the ladies at the table.

In the front cover of Joe’s CD case…”I remember walking into the Rendering Plant of the first morning of recording.  I felt far away from home.  I picked up my guitar.  The red light turned on.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.  Here are the songs that climbed out…”  Joe gave me a hug as I said my good-bye last night.  Looking forward to more music and to sharing it with my children.

Find the link to all of this and more here.

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