Dan Mangan

Photo Credit Derek Branscombecrop

Photo Credit: Derek Branscombecrop and found on brag.com.

I sought out Dan Mangan’s performances at several stages on Saturday and Sunday and they were awesome!  I’d have to say that my favourite though, was when he shared Stage 6 with Ian Tamblyn, Joe Nolan and Leeroy Stagger.  What an awesome workshop!  I think that Dan Mangan has an awesome website and I link to it in the hopes that my readers will explore some of his tunes and hook up with his music live when you can.

Out of Vancouver, Dan respectfully honours the music of others.  What extraordinary writing and wondrous musicality.

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. Tennessee Williams

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  1. Saw Dan at the Vancouver Folk Festival – he performed with an eleven piece ‘orchestra’ – the hit of the weekend for me. His music flowed from avant guard experimental, through folk, rock and almost operatic performance – I became an instant Dan fan…

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