The Air is Humid and I Feel Like Alice

Last summer, I wrote some thoughts in a post titled What Happens When Your World Shrinks.  While I am not with my parents on Bridge Street, I still feel like Alice as she fell Down the Rabbit Hole.  Of this chapter, one of the quotes that strikes me best is, `But it’s no use now,’ thought poor Alice, `to pretend to be two people! Why, there’s hardly enough of me left to make one respectable person!’  Really, there are so many lessons to be learned from Alice in Wonderland!

As I was watering the garden this morning, I was thinking about how big my world is, although to a great degree, the small bits continue to get larger in my eyes.  The flowers in the garden and the birds at the feeder become bigger with my observations of them and my time spent with them.  Does that make sense?

I meet my mother and father in front of a monitor, via Skype, most days at 5:00 p.m.

As I spend time with Mom this way, it is interesting that I feel I know her better.  Sometimes, when one is present to people, places and experiences, one is not completely wired in and there is so much ‘knowing’ lost.  Some would say this is ‘taking things for granted.” It is the world that shrinks…not the observer.  Given what is happening to me, the world is getting larger…and I am shrinking.  It is a ‘fantasticle’ thing, this, because it means that I don’t have to go very far in order to be amazed!

Recently I have been amazed by this new friendship with a cousin in Kansas.  Bit by bit, we piece together our common story as family.  Yesterday, I visited the resting place of a first cousin once removed, John Boyd Haddow,  here at Queen Park Cemetery in Calgary.  I have learned recently that several of my family members had homes in both Calgary and Drumheller.  These sorts of discoveries are, for me, wondrous.  I feel like Alice.

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