I Hope You Dance!

I’m just heading out tonight to the Blue’s Can where a collective of dancers will be performing a piece titled, The Watering Hole.

It brings to mind just how much my girls dance!  Not only that, but my son is an amazing musician so he, as well, feels the beats continually!  All three children competed through their high school years and beyond in marching bands and Stampede just seems to bring the entire experience of music, dance and rhythm back for our entire family.  In fact, once upon a time, my son played his tenor drums on the Scotiabank Saddledome stage with Keith Urban, in drumline.  It was spectacular! (the link I’ve given you is with the University of Tennessee Drumline, but you will get the idea :0)

Just recently, Cayley choreographed a piece for the build up of Feist and the Sled Island festival.  She was filled with enthusiasm about the joy of her dancers, ordinary people who celebrated dance as a vehicle for community and fun!  Music seems to be so close to our souls, doesn’t it??

Erin has been performing down at the Calgary Stampede grand stand show for multiple performances of the flash mob even, I Dance, Therefore I AM.  I think that she’s had a great time doing it and I don’t think anyone can imagine the sort of preparation and planning that goes into making one of these FUNtastic events happen!  Kudos go out to Michelle Newfeldt who made this event happen.

Photo borrowed from facebook page, “I Dance, Therefore I Am”

Just this past weekend, my Cayley danced for the Alberta Dance Feats in Edmonton.  She sits on the chair in the very first dance of Part II.  This piece moves me.  I respond deeply to the narrative behind it.

Feats: Alberta Dance Festival 2012

A long time ago, at her Junior High Farewell in grade nine, I gave my daughter this song as a gift…I hope all of my children DANCE and don’t ever choose to sit on the sidelines!  I hope YOU dance…no matter the trials…move.

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