The Big Wild

I’m proud to say that I created one of the frames for this project!  Can you pick it out?

Borrowed right from the YouTube site, the following important information

Drawn to the Wild is a collaboration between singer/songwriter Sarah Harmer and Mountain Equipment Co-op. Canadians submitted over 1800 frames drawn using an online art tool. This video is the finished product. To learn more, visit

The video comes from a documentary and concert film, “Escarpment Blues”, which features Sarah and her band touring across southern Ontario. Inspired by The Johnny Cash Project, Drawn to the Wild aims to raise awareness about threatened Canadian landscapes.

Sarah’s passion for this wild space not only shows through her video work and music, it shows through her words: “the Niagara Escarpment’s survival as a unique natural environment is seriously threatened. Drawn to the Wild is one way Canadians can both support its protection and collaborate with me and each other in a fun and creative way.”

“I’m a Mountain”
Written by Sarah Harmer

Video from “Escarpment Blues”, a documentary by Andy Keen.

Sarah Harmer
Jason Euringer
Joey Wright
Julie Fader
Spencer Evans
With Marty Kinack, Bryan Bean, Chris Brown

Executive Producers: Sarah Harmer, Patrick Sambrook
Commissioning Editor: Rudy Buttignol – TVO
Producers: Andy Keen, Sarah Harmer, Bryan Bean

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  1. What a brilliant project, and it works so well although I don’t understand the process used to do the drawings…It all goes by so fast and I don’t know your art well enough to recognize your bit – a wild guess is walking through the forest…

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